Social Media is about sharing - fotos, thoughts, texts, videos, memories. Nowadays due to the development of the new webpages - tools such as Youtube, Facebook, Wikipedia, Fliker, and much more, the "sharing" process is much more easier, even for little advanced users.

In fact, social media can be a remarkable tool for the enterprices in order to "earmark" important websites and articles. Observing user´s cathegories on the website can give them the idea how the web-site is being precieved. For example online press-room may be created in order to get the idea about visitors points of view.
The perfect example of sharing the information in tourism may be the wikitravel. All imporant touristic destinations are described there in more than 15 languages!! Everyone can find easily the information they need: the location, how to get there, what to eat, what to do etc. Also, the important links for tourism industry such as cheap flights, hotels, locations, hiring the car and much more are being provided for the users.
Facebook and Wayn and many more are the examples of how turists can find information which interests them quickly and easily. Everybody is allowed to share his or her opinions about the place, hotel, restuarant. All other users are free to share the videos from the place, photos and generally speaking, their point of view. Quickly and with no extra costs we can communicate through chat or messages with the other users asking them about the details that interest us.
We could for example see the facebook site of Lisbon (see here). Almost everything is there - the important links, contacts, places to visits, fotographs and the opinion of the users. The artcles published can be quickly emailed to your firends or colegues.
All in all, the social media make sharing much more easier and cheaper. The computer and access to the internet is everything tourists and touristic companies need in order to stay updated.