Online Advertising-Application to the Tourism Sector

Wu et al (2008:221) refer that many enterprises have adopted the Internet in the marketing and sales of products and today the web is an important advertising medium.
As is noted in the citation below, tourism already plays a big part of internet advertising in which planning and booking trips online are already very common. Some experts add that e-commerce and internet advertising has the potetntial to be the main communicative tool.

“These effects are emphasized in the tourism industry; surveys conducted by the World Wide Web for the Taiwanese Civil Service of Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) noted that online shopping is largely tourism based and planning and booking trips online is already common and that marketing and sales are chiefly conducted through the Internet. Experts believe tourism has the potential to adopt e-commerce and internet advertising as its main communicative tool.” (Wu et al; 2008:221)

Both tourism suppliers and tourism agencies have started to offer their products and services directly online to customers (Standing and Vasudavan, 17 cit in Lu & Lu; 2004:221).
Lu & Lu (2004:221) state that web-based approaches and technologies are helping tourism suppliers and agencies reduce service costs and attract customers.

Through the web, customers can:
· Access useful and up to date information,
· Ask questions,
· Search tourist product catalogues,
· Make bookings and payments, for example, airlines and hotels.
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This can be conducted all from the travelers’ home. (Lu & Lu; 2004:221)

Also, Wu et al; (2008:231) make some recommendations for tourism entities in order to have more affective advertising are:
1. Increased advertising exposure to improve internet user contact and attention
2. Design appropriate advertising content that suits internet users’ preferences so that their involvement with a product can be enhanced.

Case study - Hawaii


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Essential Hawaii

  • Cuisine
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  • Hula
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